Heels yes, heels no, that's for me to decide!

Fashion is a way of expressing ourselves and showing ourselves to the world as we are. But many times, stereotypes and cultural expectations have limited us when it comes to the way we dress. Has it happened to you that for some jobs they ask you to wear heels? How outrageous! As if we couldn't be professional without wearing stilettos.

Luckily, in recent times, these irrational expectations about women's clothing have been decreasing. Now society is a little more open to the idea that every woman has the right to dress however she wants , regardless of what others say.


Every woman has her own style, and she should be free to dress however she feels best. Some prefer flat, comfortable shoes, while others prefer heels. And that's perfect! The important thing is to learn to recognize that each woman is unique, as are her needs.

At Sinaquera, we know how important it is for every woman to be able to be herself and express herself through her style. For this reason, we have a wide variety of footwear, designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience in your daily life.

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