Advance Sale

Continuing with the philosophy slow fashion, during 2023 we will begin to work on demand. We want to be responsible and not contribute to overproduction in fashion, which is one of the main threats against the environment at a global level .

This pre-sale system allows us to know the levels of demand for each of the models in our collections, and thus produce a total amountl close to what really we are going to sell.

For you, pre-sale means you can buy your next season's shoes early and at a discount. Preventing you from paying more simply because it is a new seasonal product. In addition, you contribute your grain of sand for a more sustainable fashion.


Buy with a 30% discount before and during the production of the shoe.

It is at that moment when we can adjust the productions, although we will manufacture more stock than is already reserved, the sale advance will serve as a guide to know which models we have to produce more of and which less quantity.

The manufacturing of each of the collections follows different rhythms, so in the description of each model you will find all the important dates.

When the manufacturing process ends, you will be able to buy our footwear with the price final.

Do not worry if when they arrive your shoes do not fit well or you do not like them, you will have the same conditions as in a traditional purchase to exchange them or return them:


If for any reason beyond our control, production is not as expected and all purchases made cannot be supplied, the amount paid will be fully refunded.